WHF Recruiting Materials

WHF Alumni play a vital role in recruiting new Fellows. You understand the demands and expectations of the Program, and therefore are in a unique position to identify excellent candidates and encourage them to apply. Please utilize the resources below to help you in your recruiting efforts.

Click here to download a What is the White House Fellows Program presentation

Click here to download a White House Fellows Program Overview

Click here to download a Reference Guide for Planning an Outreach and Recruiting Event

Click here to view our recruiting videos that you can share.

Click here to download a presentation that was given to CalTech by the National Recruitment Committee that is focused on science/engineering industries. Fellows who are presenting about the White House Fellows program can modify the presentation to fit their audiences.

Printable Brochures
We have developed a tri-fold brochure to use for our recruiting efforts. Below, we offer two “general” versions for use, as well as one that has a “Business” focus and one that has an “Engineering/Science” focus. Please feel free to download and print them (print them double sided, and then fold into a tri-fold). If you are interested in developing a brochure with a focus that reflects your industry, please contact us.

University Alumni Newsletter Ads

Last fall, Stanford University created a recruiting graphic that was sent to 180,000 alumni electronically through their various newsletters. Stanford has granted permission for other universities to use the graphic. If your alma mater would be interested in using the graphic, you may download these Photoshop files so they can be modified with your university’s information (desktop version is here and mobile version here).