Privacy Policy

To provide service to you, WHFFA collects certain information, such as your address, telephone number(s), and other contact, demographic, and billing information. WHFFA collects this information only by voluntary disclosure directly from you. WHFFA requests such information through a variety of ways, including the WHFFA Membership, product order forms, and event registrations. The information WHFFA collects is intended to allow WHFFA to process your transaction effectively and efficiently and to plan future programs and services to better serve you.

To help you understand how WHFFA uses your personal information, WHFFA abides by the following principles:

  • WHFFA will disclose to you how it uses the information it collects.
  • WHFFA will give you an opportunity to restrict WHFFA’s use of this information.
  • WHFFA will give you an opportunity to deny permission to distribute this information to others.
  • WHFFA will use commercially reasonable means to maintain the information accurately.
  • WHFFA will give you an opportunity to correct the information in our records when it has been erroneously recorded.

These principles and WHFFA policies apply whether WHFFA collects the information by paper or in electronic form.

How WHFFA Uses Your Personal Information

Contact Information

The Online Directory provides our members a platform where they can share their contact information — address(es), phone number(s), and email address(es) — together with demographic information (e.g., job title, education, employment/military history, board service, etc.) WHFFA uses this contact information to provide our members with regular updates on meetings, activities, and other news relevant to the members of our community.

WHFFA also collects information from members who request information or purchase products and services from WHFFA. This information is collected on an order form, an event registration form, or in another manner. WHFFA collects contact information (address, phone number, etc.), payment information (an account or credit card number) and other information. This information is used solely to fulfill orders and to contact the customer as necessary.

The WHFFA online directory contains information on members only for the purpose of conducting official WHFFA business. WHFFA allows certain employees of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships access to this information in support of WHFFA business. We do not rent mailing lists to non-members or companies.

WHFFA makes information from its membership database available to other members through the online Membership Directory. The WHFFA Communication Policy covers the use of information from the Membership Directory.

Payment Information

WHFFA collects payment information (such as a credit card number) for the purpose of completing transactions on a secure credit card processing site (I-Transact). WHFFA does not maintain a file of or disclose credit card or other financial information to any other individual or organization.

Limits on Use of Collected Information

WHFFA provides members and customers the opportunity to request that WHFFA restrict the use of personal information. This request may be made when the information is provided or at a later time by contacting WHFFA Executive Director (contact information below).

Use of Information by Others

WHFFA does not rent lists of Members’ name, address, or telephone number on mailing lists.

Use of Information by WHFFA

Members and customers may also elect to have WHFFA not use their email address for WHFFA communications; however, an email address is required for the completion of certain transactions. Even when WHFFA members request that WHFFA restrict use of their personal information, WHFFA may still use this information to contact you in connection with WHFFA official business.

If you choose to restrict use of your information, you may not receive certain communications from WHFFA that may be of interest to you. Because of the nature of computer data storage, any information that you restrict will remain stored but will not be accessed in the normal course of business. WHFFA will comply with any court orders that may be received requiring us to disclose information from our database, regardless of whether you have requested that the information be restricted.

Changing/Correcting Your Personal Information

WHFFA members or customers may change or correct information on their record online. Members and customers may also contact the WHFFA Executive Director to review or request changes to personal information. WHFFA reserves the right to modify its privacy policies and practices at any time without notice. This statement is not intended to create any contractual or other legal rights. If you have questions about WHFFA’s Privacy Policy, the practices of the WHFFA web site, or your interactions with WHFFA, contact the WHFFA President or Executive Director at

Website-Specific Issues

IP Addresses – automatically records the Internet address of the computer accessing the site as well as the time and date of access. This information does not identify you personally, nor does it contain your name or email address. WHFFA uses this information solely for the purpose of diagnosing problems with the WHFFA server and to administer the website, or for some corporate subscribers, to determine access rights.

Cookies – WHFFA uses “cookies” to deliver content that is specific to your interests and to keep track of your preferences. “Cookies” are small text files that help identify you and your preferences when you return to When your browser accesses the site, WHFFA’s server checks your browser settings to see if it is permissible to store this identification information on your computer. “Cookies” are not programs and are not known to be damaging to your computer. The “cookies” set by WHFFA do not personally identify you; they simply permit WHFFA’s web site to know what your preferences are. “Cookies” are also used to help determine how many unique users access pages on the web site and may direct specific advertising content to you on selected pages. Most browsers have an optional setting to deny “cookies.” If you use this setting, however, you may not be able to use WHFFA’s site to its fullest capability, and you will lose the benefit of many special features provided via Logging into the WHFFA website requires that you accept cookies. Most cookies used by WHFFA are temporary; that is, they remain only for the duration of your session on the WHFFA website. WHFFA does write some cookies that remain after you end your session, such as items loaded into your shopping cart in the Online Store. This is designed to assist members whose session is interrupted before they can complete their purchase.

Email List Servers and Online Communities – WHFFA operates email list servers and Online Communities to facilitate communication among groups conducting WHFFA business and WHFFA Communities of Interest. These tools are useful in communicating technical and non-technical information. Information in discussion forums or online communities is available to anyone with access to this area. WHFFA cannot control what others may do with information that you disclose using these tools.

Links – Certain areas of may contain links to other web sites. SPE is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such linked sites. See SPE’s Links Policy. Secure Transactions

WHFFA uses industry-standard measures to protect your submission of credit card information to WHFFA. WHFFA uses a secure server and encrypted data transmission using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology. SSL Technology encrypts the transmitted information to make it very difficult for anyone other than WHFFA to decode the information. WHFFA’s implementation of SSL is authenticated by VeriSign. You can verify that you are in a secure-transmission portion of SPE’s website in one of two ways:

  • Look for an unbroken key symbol or lock symbol at the bottom status bar of your browser. This shows that you are in a secured mode.
  • Look at the URL address in your browser window. When in secured mode, the address changes from http to “https.”