Dear White House Fellow:

I hope this finds you well and enjoying these warm summer months. As we prepare for another Annual Leadership Conference in October, we turn our attention to selection of your next Leadership Team. On behalf of the President Elect and Chair of this year’s Nominating & Governance Committee, Carlos Del Toro (WHF 1998-99), it gives me great pride to present these White House Fellows as candidates to lead next year’s exciting activities.

You may vote on-line for the 2017-18 Officers and Directors. That said, we are also mailing you a paper ballot should you prefer that method. You may vote by whichever method you prefer. If we receive both a paper ballot and an on-line ballot from the same person, we will count the paper ballot. Please note we only count the votes of our “active” members in the election. To be an “active” member you must be current on annual dues, or be a lifetime dues member.

Our by-laws provide for a Board of seven Officers (President, President-elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Development Director, and Immediate Past President), nine At-Large Directors who serve staggered terms of three years each, and two Immediate Past Class Directors who serve overlapping two-year terms.

We have slightly different election procedures for our Officers and At-Large Directors. The Board’s Governance and Nominating Committee determines a slate of Officers from among the serving Board members and volunteers, based on an individual’s past and present involvement and support to Foundation and Association activities. That Officer slate is approved by the full Board and presented to our membership for an affirmative vote. The Governance and Nominating Committee also develops a slate of At-Large Director candidates for direct election by our membership. This year you will be voting to select three At-Large Directors from among nine candidates. You may vote on-line at www.whff.org under: About Us/2017 Elections.

We thank you kindly for your attention to this very important matter. You may vote on-line until midnight on September 20, 2017.


Kermit Jones (2012-13)