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    White House Fellows:I wanted to provide you with a list of all the Committees that manage the work of the White House Fellows Foundation. I share this with you: 1) To illustrate the structure and responsibilities of our various committees, 2) to recognize the White House Fellows – both Board members and non-Board Members – who serve on our committees, and 3) to encourage you, either now or in the future, to consider volunteering to serve on a committee. In most cases you do not need to be a member of our Board of Directors to serve on a committee. If you are interested in serving you may contact me, or any of the Committee Chairs listed below.

    Committee Name Current
    Executive Committee Stephanie Ferguson (1996-97) — CHAIR x The Officers of our Board comprise the members of our Executive Committee, which exercises the authority of the Board of Directors in the management of the WHFFA between our Board meetings.
    Bobbi Doorenbos (2007-08) x
    Phil Cullom (1994-95) x
    Kevin Monroe (1996-97) x
    Pieter Boelhouwer (1998-99) x
    Michael Morales (2016-17) x
    Geoff Shepard (1969-70) x
    Governance and Nominating Committee Bobbi Doorenbos (2007-08) — CHAIR x This Committee monitors the WHFFA’s overall management and governance structures, and develops the candidate slate for our annual election of Board members.
    David Rhodes (1992-93)
    John Saxon (1978-79)
    Eric Patterson (2007-08)
    Kate Higgins-Bloom (2014-15) x
    Paul Applegarth (1981-82)
    Timothy Gatlin (2016-17)
    David Moore (1996-97) x
    Annual Leadership Conference Committee Phil Cullom (1994-95) — CHAIR x The ALC Committee plans all aspects of the Annual Meeting.
    Sharon Kiely (1994-95)
    Teresa Schwartz (1978-79)
    David Moore (1996-97) x
    Investment Committee Kevin Monroe (1996-97) — CHAIR x The Investment Committee monitors the Corporation’s investment portfolio and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on investment allocation decisions.
    Pieter Boelhouwer (1998-99) x
    Bill Graham (1966-67) x
    Steve Hill (1978-79)
    Development Committee Pieter Boelhouwer (1998-99) — CHAIR x This Committee formulates strategies and conducts fundraising to support the White House Fellowship program and the WHFFA.
    Dave Rhodes (1993-94)
    Erik Iverson (2016-17)
    David Moore (1996-97) x
    Audit Committee Scott Berns (2000-01) — CHAIR x This Committee provides oversight of our internal control systems and risk mitigation, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.
    Jacob Donnelly (2014-15)
    Robert Marbut (1989-90) x
    Compensation Committee Kevin Monroe (1996-97) — CHAIR x This Committee includes both the current President and Immediate-Past President, and recommends salary or compensation adjustments for members of the WHFFA staff.
    Stephanie Ferguson (1996-97) x
    Geoff Shepard (1969-70) x
    Bobbi Doorenbos (2007-08) x
    Randy Jayne (1973-74)
    Legacy of Leadership Award Committee Geoff Shepard (1969-70) — CHAIR x This Committee evaluates nominees and recommends to the Board a recipient each year for the “Legacy of Leadership Award“.
    Our Immediate-Past President chairs this Committee, and the Committee members include all previous recipients of the Legacy of Leadership Award.
    Valenti Friend of the Fellows Committee Bill Graham (1966-67) — CHAIR x This Committee evaluates nominees and recommends to the Board potential recipients for the “Jack Valenti Friend of the White House Fellows Award“.
    Scott Berns (2000-01) x
    Jerry Johnson (2004-05)
    Janet Abrams (1994-95)
    David Iglesias (1994-95)
    Impact Award Committee Susan Fink Yoshihara (1996-97) — CHAIR x This Committee evaluates nominees and recommends to the Board recent WHFs as potential recipients of the “Impact Award“.
    The Committee members include all previous recipients of the Impact Award.
    Recruiting Committee Rod Lewis (2011-12) — CHAIR x This Committee develops recruiting strategies in coordination with the Commission Office to increase outreach to highly qualified and diverse applicants to the Program.
    Doug Kmiec (1982-83) x
    Edward Sheen (2014-15)
    Frank Leija (2014-15)
    Recent Alumni Engagement Committee Andy Ku (2017-18) — CHAIR x The purpose of this Committee is to determine ways to promote recent class engagement.
    Mike Morales (2016-17) x
    Cara LaPointe (2013-14) x
    David Moore (1996-97) x
    Website Redesign Committee David Moore (1996-97) — CHAIR x This Committee is redesigning and updating the WHFF.ORG website, to include both a public-facing website, as well as a password protected “Fellows Only” site for the members of the White House Fellows community.
    Andy Ku (2017-18) x
    Jennifer Swanson
    Jennifer Maggio
    Bill Frederico
    Finland Trip Committee Janet Abrams (1994-95) — CHAIR This Committee is planning our White House Fellows Alumni Trip to Finland in May 2020.
    Bobbi Doorenbos (2007-08) x
    Stefanie Sanford (1996-97)
    Alan MacDonald
    David Moore (1996-97) x

    My thanks to all of our “fellow Fellows” for their outstanding support of the White House Fellows Program and our Foundation.
    Warm regards,
    Stephanie Ferguson

    posted: March 5, 2020
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