2015 – George Bush Letter to White House Fellows


September 2015

On this special golden anniversary of the White House Fellows Program, Barbara and I join in applauding the incredible success of this wonderful initiative.

From the time it was instituted, the program has appealed to and fostered men and women with independent minds and a hunger for great achievements and has offered a unique training ground for young people to pursue careers of vision, discovery, and service in every aspect of American life. The results have exceeded all expectations. Indeed, it is almost impossible to quantify the extent of the program’s influence on the character of our country.

Barbara and I join in commending every White House Fellow for your outstanding tradition of service, and we offer personal congratulations to this year’s recipient of the prestigious Legacy of Leadership Award. General Tom Bostick. We salute you, Tom, and we thank you for your honorable service to our country.

Together with our congratulations to the While House Fellows Program on achieving this great milestone, we Bushes send best wishes for continued success in the decades ahead.


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