2007 – George W. Bush Congratulates WHF on 42nd Anniversary


October 22,2007
I send greetings to those gathered to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the White House Fellow’s Program. Congratulations to Doris M. Meissner of the Class of 1973-74 on receiving the “John W. Gardner Legacy of Leadership Award”  for her lifetime commitment to public service.

America is a vibrant force for freedom and prosperity, and our public servants are one of our Nation’s greatest assets. For more than four decades, the White House Fellows Program has provided highly motivated young men and women with the opportunity to experience working in the highest levels of the executive branch. Today. the many alumni of this program continue to be leaders and serve their communities, demonstrating the spirit and determination that make America great,

I appreciate those who have served as White House Fellows and all who devote their time and energy to the program’s success. Your efforts reflect the best of our country.

Laura and I send our best wishes.

[George Bush Signature]