1970 – Rodney Coleman Presents WHFFA Seal Concepts

September 14, 1970


To: David Miller

Subject: Proposed White House Fellows Seal

Since the discussion at Belmont, I’ve had some brief time to play around with an idea.  After many scratch sheets of doodles, the two attached sketches are initial visions of a sophisticated type seal that we may use for a logo.

Sketch No. 1 uses a portion of the Great Seal and is similar to the Seal of the President, however, I’ve left off the banner, stars and circles immediately above the eagles head. I’ve shown a location for the Latin inscription, “With a Vision of Greatness” which is a possible motto such as “E Pluribus Unum”, is used by the President. “With a Vision of Greatness”, is a quote from President Johnson’s statement in 1964.

Sketch No. 2, utilizes the White House as symbolic of our appointment, and also has the “With a Vision of Greatness”, in Latin inscribed on it. My only apprehension about this one is that it looks like one of those souvenir plates!

Request that you check as to the right to use the Great Seal of the United States or the basic configuration of the Seal of the President, for this purpose.

I think they both would look great, cast in bronze, mounted on a walnut block, or in a clear lucite cube, and used as momentos.

Rodney A. Coleman