1968 – WHF Letter to Robert F. Kennedy Children

June 7, 1968
Hickory Hill
McLean, Virginia

FROM: The White House Fellows

Our deep sense of loss is eclipsed by that of the nation’s, for the vitality of a people is a reflection of the transcendent spirit which moves its men. Only our sense of hope makes the untimely death of your father a burden which we can endure.

As in all his endeavors, his contributions to the White House Fellows program, gave us more than can be taken, for his ideals, commitment, and compassion will live, be nurtured and, ultimately, fulfilled.

This you know better than we. And you, we, and all men of good will, must redeem the promises of the nation envisioned in his dreams. We can do no less, for he gave us the sense of spirit and the foundation for our sense of hope.

With you, we bow our heads in prayer. Together, we must lift our minds and hearts to pursue his dreams for America.

The White House Fellows
1966, 1967 and 1960