1967 – Timothy Wirth WHF Welcome Letter from V.P. Hubert Humphrey

The Vice President
May 18th, 1967

Dear Mr. Wirth,

Congratulations on being selected as a White House Fellow for the year 1967-68. We in the Government who benefit greatly by efforts such as yours hope that we can help provide a better understanding of the Government and its functions.

This recognition of your outstanding ability end dedication does not go unnoticed. We want you to knew that we appreciate your accepting this honor and award.  I hope to be seeing you and working with you during the coming year.

If there la anything with which I may be of help to you during your stay in Washington, please feel free to call on me.

With very best wishes

Hubert H. Humphrey

Mr. Timothy Wirth
2940 Woodside Road
Woodside, California