The WHFFA routinely sends broadcast email communications to the members of the WHF community as part of conducting the official business of the WHFFA. Although the WHFFA does not send out broadcast communications related to the projects, initiatives, or endeavors of individual WHFs, we can, if requested, place an article or paper by an individual WHF in the “Recent News” section of our website.

If an individual WHF wishes to communicate with multiple other WHFs in a particular region, or WHFs assigned to a particular agency, or those of a particular military branch (etc.) you may download the email addresses, phone numbers, and/or mailing addresses of those WHFs you would like to reach. To do so, simply go to: Members – Member’s Directory. Use “Narrow Your Search” or “Advanced Search” to select the WHFs of interest to you. Press “Search”. Then go to “Select Action” – “Export to Excel”. You may then contact multiple WHFs via email, phone, or U.S. mail as you prefer. When you do so, please make it clear you are contacting them as “one White House Fellow to another” (i.e. and not that your email is being sent on behalf of the Program).