Global Health Corps Seeks CEO

After eight years of growing the movement for health equity and building the next generation of health leaders, GlobalHealth Corps (GHC) is excited to announce that we are seeking our next CEO. Click here for the job description. Over the next several months, our co-founder and CEO, Barbara Bush, will be transitioning from her day-to-day role and onto GHC’s Board of Directors. Barbara has helped to catapult our movement to where we are today: a global community of nearly 850 leaders who are deeply passionate about health equity, collaborating daily across boundaries and borders of all kinds, and delivering short-and long-term impact in global health. 95% of our leaders continue to work in health equity or social justice. We believe leadership is the greatest lever of change in global health and that’s what we’re building. We seek a dynamic, globally-minded creative and compassionate leader to help drive us into our next era. Our next CEO will be as excited about the transformative potential of great leadership as we are, be able to talk the talk and walk the walk with equal poise and potency, be a truly global citizen, and will bring both vision and grit to power our movement forward.

More about the transition can be found here: