Life on the Other Side of You – Barrye Price


Life on the Other Side by Barrye Price is excellent on many different levels. It tells a great love story (really two great love stories). It tells of the tragedy, victory, relapse, small triumphs, and finally final heartbreak of cancer. It tells of the inner circle around one who suffers; the close circle of close friends, colleagues, and church leaders; and the outer circle of supportive but confused friends, troops, and church congregants. It is an importantly simple spiritual story of how, although tragic circumstances teach us about faith, all of us have so much more to learn. It is written extremely well in an engaging, sometimes appropriately humorous style, and then later a gripping style (that even makes an old Army guy tear up!). Finally, the lessons at the end are great. They are derived from the story, but would have been distracting if they were included in the text. When I finished the book, I was ready to get the lessons at the end. I am sure that there will be some people, especially those who have lost a spouse or are helping those who lost a spouse, who will turn first to the lessons. That is okay, too, because those readers can later read the story that the lessons are based upon.

Life on the Other Side is a great read for everyone and a must read for those who are helping those suffering from the tragedy of cancer.

Michael J. Meese, PhD (BG, U.S. Army, Retired)
Chief Operating Officer, American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA)

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