• Priscilla Douglas (81-82) invites WHF to attend a Special Museum Event

    Below is the invitation from Priscilla Douglas:

    Dear White House Fellows,

    In my role as an Overseer, I am delighted to invite you and a guest to attend a special afternoon/evening at the Museum of Science on November 14th.

    As my guest, you are invited to tour the museum anytime after noon until closing (5 p.m. the Space Exhibit is terrific!) then return for the Nile and Lee Albright Symposium in the Kahner Auditorium at 7 p.m. featuring two of the world’s leading (and most accessible) brain doctors, Dr. Rachel Herz (Why You Eat What You Eat) and Dr. Joel Salinas (Mirror Touch: A Memoir of Synesthesia and the Secret Life of the Brain). The topic is timely and intriguing— how the brain works — and the evening it hosted by Nile and Lee Albright, the brother of longtime White House Fellow supporter and winner of the Jack Valenti Award, Dr. Tenley Albright. For more information: https://www.mos.org/public-events/our-superhuman-brains

    Please RSVP to me by 10/11 with the following information:

    • Attend symposium?
    • Guest name?
    • Visit museum?  Number of passes required?

    Symposium registration will open to the public on 10/30. Look forward to seeing you.

    Priscilla and Suzy
    Alumnae organizers—Priscilla Douglas and Suzy Becker

    posted: August 26, 2018
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