• Leading the Recruiting Campaign among the WHF Community

    Margarita Colmenares will be focused on engaging our White House Fellow alumni community. She will be leading a campaign-style effort to activate our WHF alumni and other members of our WHF community to increase recruiting through the networks of our WHF alumni, Commissioners, and others. This campaign will be similar in broad strokes to the fundraising campaign we conducted a few years ago (i.e. the Campaign for the White House Fellows), but with two key differences: 1) the end-result of this campaign will be focused on increasing the number of high-quality applicants to the WHF program, and 2) this time there will be no “quiet phase” of the campaign. Instead, we are diving straight into the “loud phase”. As our Director of Internal Outreach and Recruitment Margarita will be reaching out to all of you to get your thoughts, insights, and recommendations on the ways to best leverage our WHF community to recruit high-quality applicants to the program. She will form a steering group this fall to design the campaign. Then, beginning in the spring of next year, she will be engaging with all of you to implement the recruiting campaign.

    posted: October 29, 2018
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