• Job Announcement: WHFFA Seeks Assistant Director for Recruiting and Outreach

    Our Board of Directors has approved a decision to hire an Assistant Director for Recruiting and Outreach for the White House Fellows Foundation and Association (WHFFA). The application window for this position is now open, and we will be accepting applications through September 10, 2018. (Note: If you’re potentially interested in applying for the job, you’ll see a link to the application instructions below). We plan to complete this hiring action as quickly as possible so this person can be fully “on board” as we enter the recruiting season for the next class of White House Fellows this fall.

    The decision to hire an Assistant Director for Recruiting and Outreach represents one of the most significant investments in recruiting the WHFFA has ever made. We are taking this action because we recognize the importance of a sustained long-term recruiting effort in an era when so many corporations, non-profits, universities, and tech-sector employers are all competing for the most highly talented people in the country. We believe this is a necessary and prudent action that will help ensure the continuing health and vibrancy of the White House Fellows program in the years ahead.

    The person we seek for this position will be someone with a deep understanding of the White House Fellows program, either a former Fellow, perhaps the spouse of a Fellow, or someone with extensive first-hand knowledge of the White House Fellows program.

    To see the details of the job description, and the instructions on how to apply, click here.

    To those of you who are thinking about applying for this position: thank you. We look forward to discussing the position with you as we work to identify the person best able to support our Foundation’s recruiting needs.

    To the rest of our White House Fellows community: let me thank you as well. We will be calling on you in the weeks and months ahead to work with the person we hire, to help us recruit those who “have demonstrated unusual ability, outstanding motivation, a broad capacity for leadership, and who show exception promise of future development” to quote the original Executive Order signed by President Johnson in 1964. Your recruiting support has always been crucial to sustaining the White house Fellows program, and has enabled us to build the program to what it is today. Your continued recruiting support will be just as significant, and perhaps even more so, in the years ahead.

    In early October we will announce to you the person we have selected for this position.

    posted: August 25, 2018
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